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Want to learn more about the wild, wonderful world of Non-Profits? You’re in the right place...

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We did some of the work for you when it comes to researching the Non-Profits taking part in Do-Goodery...

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We're doing more than generating revenue for our Non-Profit partners...

Non-Profit Spotlight

A weekly celebration of a Non-Profit partner, their mission, their projects, and more...

Non-Profit Superstars

Interviews with everyday heroes: Non-Profit Founders, volunteers and everyone in between...

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Every organization we've partnered with, season by season...

The Struggle Weblog

Sacred Waiting

As we wrap up season one here on A Do-Gooder In Hollywood, I thought I’d take us back to the theme...


Future Do-Goodery Goals

Do-Goodery's path in the years to come...

Division A Leaders

# Avatar Name DGs
1 Beverly's Birthdays 267
2 Carnegie STEM Girls 213
3 Cameroon Football Development 199
4 Assemble 186

Division B Leaders

# Avatar Name DGs
1 A+ Schools 288
2 Our Clubhouse 229
3 1Hood Media 225
4 Ujamaa Collective 217