Dear baby,

We wanted you.

We tried to make you.

When we we’re successful, we were in awe.

Altruism, engage!

We couldn’t believe it was actually happening. You were little cells, multiplying in my womb and would make Drew and I parents. We were elated – and terrified. Our lives were about to change forever.

We welcome the change – the bounding energy and new life you will bring into our loving home. At the same time, we place no expectations on you, dear child.

Baby Seeley at 22 weeks

While you are our baby, now, and forever, you are your own person. You are a unique being created in God’s image and sent here for your own purpose. Not to fulfill ours. We will not look to you to make us happy. Instead, we will support your growth and nurture your development.

We will continue to nurture ourselves as well, for I truly feel I can only be a good mother to you if I am thriving as my own individual person. Drew too. He will continue to explore his hopes and dreams in full support of yours.

Three unique souls, coexisting as the Seeley family. We will rely on each other, but not become dependant. We will love each other, but be careful to give each other space. We will offer guidance but never force our own will.

Awaiting your arrival, little one

My wish for you, sweet child, is to be a good person.

Yes, I want you to be happy. But sometimes we have to sacrifice our own comfort for the sake of others. I want you to know when it’s time to do that.

Know that your needs will always be met. You will never go without. Be generous in knowing that you, God, and your parents have unlimited resources. Be kind, knowing that there is an abundance of love within you. Be courageous, doing the right thing when it’s not the popular choice.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

My child, you will see the world. You will experience all the beauty this life has to offer. Explore. Enjoy it. Find your way in the world. Celebrate what makes you unique. Follow your passion. Be bold and sweet. Soft and strong.

I love you so much my heart bursts with joy. I can’t wait to meet you when you decide it’s time to come join us. We are ready.

We wanted you.

We made you with love.

You have been given the gift of life. All I ask is that you live it.