Where’s the Love?

That’s the question three adolescent brothers asked the world when they burst onto the music scene in 1997. Their bubble-gum pop was a refreshing contrast to the grunge that ruled the airways at the time. 

One listen, and I for one, was hooked. The brothers in question were Hanson. 

You may remember their infectious hit ‘MMMbop’ that many dismissed as a one-hit wonder about nothing. 

It’s wasn’t. And it’s not. 

They’ve gone on to release seven albums since then, including the Christmas delight, Snowed In. And that zeitgeist song was actually about how quickly time passes and how much things can change in an instant. Pretty deep for a bunch of preteens from Oklahoma. 

My childhood bedroom. – AMY PAFFRATH

Altruism, engage!

Why do I mention this band of brothers? Well, for one, I’m seeing them play their latest album String Theory in New York this week. 

If you’ve ever been to one of their shows, you know they have a dedicated audience of mainly women, who have loyally followed them since the 90’s. These aren’t teenage girls. We’re grown women now. But the feelings in our hearts are the same as they were nearly 25 years ago. 

Tears are filling my eyes as I write this and listen to the album on Spotify. It’s hard to explain, but their music just resonates with me so deeply. It takes me back to being a 14-year-old girl with yearning in my loins when my life and dreams were all still ahead of me. 

I got their CD single for MMMbop when I was about to graduate eighth grade. I played it on repeat at friend’s party. I’ve been playing their albums and singing along ever since. My name is even on a track from their debut release, Middle of Everywhere. 

“Dear Amy, see you in September,” they sing on ‘Yearbook.’ This Time Around, coincidentally the title of another incredible album, I’ll be seeing them in November.

Every fangirl dreams of meeting the band they love so dearly. I’ve gotten that pleasure several times. 

Early on, as a cunning and budding journalist, at all of 16 years old, a friend and I successfully followed them from a concert to the airport and took this amazing photo. 

Intense, I know. But they didn’t think we were crazy. They were kind and courteous and at the time, they had many much weirder encounters with fans. Our stalking was mild in comparison.

Fast forward to 2010, I had the opportunity to interview the band as a real, professional journalist. I was working for E! News and when I heard the network would feature the band and its latest release, ‘Shout It Out,’ I pled my case and successfully scored the sit-down. 

I waited nervously for them to arrive and when they did, my heart fluttered and it took everything in me to keep my cool. We got to chat for 20 glorious minutes and I remember Issac turning to me at the end and saying, “It’s so great when we get to do this with a fan. It makes the interview so much better.” 

An incredible compliment … and I agree. I mean, I didn’t need to do any research. I just spoke from my heart and was genuinely interested to hear their answers. Watch the chat here:

A few years later, my soon-to-be fiancé had a great idea. 

His friend Lindsay was working for the band’s label. So, he sneakily reached out and asked if they’d send a video message to me as part of our proposal. I had no idea I was about to be engaged, and even more shocked when I saw my favorite trio giving me their blessing. 

Well, if Taylor Hanson’s telling me to do this, I must, right?

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Kidding, but it was a truly special touch. Of course, I said yes. We’ve been married five glorious years. 

As if that wasn’t enough, it gets even better. Since Drew had become friendly with the band’s manager, she reached about a year later and asked him to be a lead in their ‘Get the Girl Back’ music video. 

She asked if I’d also like to be in it. She offered me the part I was born to play: Fainting Fan. 

I was beyond thrilled. I busted out an old Hanson T-shirt I’d literally lived in for 17 years of my life and styled it with a cute skirt and leather jacket. The wardrobe department loved it. 

I shot my scene in one take. Taylor clapped and proclaimed: “Nailed it!” Afterwards we were all hanging out, talking, shooting the shit. Zac turns to me and says, “I just realized you’re wearing a shirt of my face when I was like 10 years old.” 

We laughed and I replied, “Yup, it’s vintage.”

I never in a million years would have imagined that in my adult life, I’d be friendly with these guys that made an impact on me when I was just a young, hormonal teenager. 

So, Where’s the Love, you ask? Deep in my heart, where it’ll always be.