I’ve written about my journey in Hollywood for many weeks now, and you know a bit about how my story unfolded.

From J-School in Missouri –> to entertainment reporter in Los Angeles –> from TV Host to Actress –> to Philanthropist and Activist –> to artist, writer, show creator, and Journalist for Spectrum News.

My journey has come full circle in the last 13 years. I’ve found my way back to my creativity and to journalism. In a way that feeds my soul.

When I first landed in Lala Land, I loved meeting celebrities. Like Jeremy Piven.

When I first came to LA, like many, I was chasing fame. I got a taste of it. But the thing is, you’re thirst for fame will never be quenched. The desire for more is insatiable.

Hosting E! News Now in 2008 and living the dream.

Altruism, engage!

As I wrote about last week, my artistic loss became my greatest gain. Now, I once again feel like that fearless 22 year old – who journeyed from Missouri to LA, bright eyed, full of dreams, and knowing they’d come true. I have found my way back to my purpose and damn, it feels so good.

I wrote a television pilot that I’m pitching in a few weeks as a starring vehicle for myself and my co-writer. Neither of us have ever pitched before. People tell us this is a hard thing to accomplish. We know. But why not us? So we solider on.

I am in a groove with my feel-good pieces at Spectrum News. Telling stories and connecting to my fellow humans is what drew me to study journalism in the first place. It is nice to do that again – in the second biggest market in the country, no less.

I have felt compelled to share uplifting stories for years. I have tried to pitch my concept, What’s Good?! to TV outlets and production companies only to hear the feedback that “No one wants to hear good news.” Hmmm.

Just last week, my latest piece aired. It’s about a man named Joseph Ramirez who got housing after 6 years of being homeless. His story is tragic and inspiring. He’s had tough days, ones where he wanted to quit. But instead, he spent his energy cleaning up the riverbed where his tent was pitched. Tireless, tedious work, but he did it because he lived there.

Part 1 of this story featured Deputy Rodney Gutierrez who helped Joe tremendously the past 2 years.

What’s Good?! Officer Rodney Gutierrez lends a helping hand in El Monte

The relationship between police officers and the homeless is often a rocky one. But thanks to the leadership of Deputy Rodney Gutierrez, that dynamic is changing in the City of El Monte. He’s working hard to create a rapport with people who are unhoused.

Getting housing may seem like the cure all – everything is better now! But for many, it’s not.

Joseph Ramirez with his daughter Marie

Unbeknownst to me, Joe (very vulnerably) told Rodney that, while he was happy to be housed, he really missed his family. Then, like a miracle from heaven, Joe’s estranged daughter Marie saw the piece on TV and got into contact with him.

Rodney shared that information with me via text; I was floored. My heart swelled with gratitude. Had I listened to the naysayers, this may never have happened for Joe. Like Joe cleaning the riverbed, I kept pursing what I knew was the right path for me.

The message Rodney sent me

The only feedback any of us should listen to is that of the creator and the truth in our hearts. I’m glad I did because these stories are worth sharing. People do want to hear good news. The work I’m doing is making a difference. I don’t need validation to know that.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Knowing that Joe was able to meet his great grandson for the first time because of a story I shared is the most rewarding feedback I could ask for.

What’s Good?! Joe Ramirez – From Homeless to Housed

A follow up story to the inspiring piece on Deputy Rodney Gutierrez, Homeless Liaison in South El Monte, who’s patiently and compassionately working to get people off the streets. This story follows his friend and client Joe Ramirez who is now housed, back to work and has been reunited with his daughter thanks to Rodney’s support.

I am so grateful that I have an outlet like Spectrum. The fact that I have this opportunity is no small coincidence. I pitched What’s Good?! to Scott Warren, the News Director, who at the time, was EP of MichaeLA on HLN. He loved it, but didn’t have a place for it.

So we stayed in touch for nearly 2 years. He had me come in and a do a few small things at HLN. Then, last November, Scott landed the News Director position at Spectrum and asked if I’d like to part of it. And just like that, I found a home.

Scott gets it. The point is not that nothing bad happens in the world. It’s that good can come out of any situation and it’s never too late to turn it all around.

Something you once identified with may no longer serve you. You are free to let it go and take a new path. You’ll know when you’re in alignment, and the universe will tell you.

You just have to be still, get quiet and be courageous enough to listen.