Josh Bell, right now, is the NL MVP.

All due respect to Cody Bellinger. His Dodgers would still be good if he weren’t performing as well as he is.

These Pirates … they should be out of the race already. 

The Pirates are 14th in the NL in ERA and have the fifth-worst run differential in all of baseball. Somehow, they’re only two games out of a Wild Card spot. They’re still just four games back in the NL Central race entering this weekend’s series against Milwaukee.

Altruism, engage!

Why? How!? Josh Bell. 

Bell is hitting .345. That’s good for second in all of Major League Baseball. He’s hit 18 home runs. That’s good for fourth in all of MLB. Doubles? Nobody has hit more. He’s got 19.

Fifty-four percent of his hits have gone for extra bases this year. He’s driven in the second most runs in the league. His OPS is good for the third best in MLB. 

There’s one reason why the Pirates are still in the thick of things. They’ve been saved by the Bell. That dude’s my MVP. 

Disclaimer: Cody Bellinger has been better. I am biased. I own a Pirates hat.


— I’ve been in the midst of my Keto diet now for over a month.

I took Memorial Day off. (Shhh. Don’t tell.) On Tuesday, I woke up feeling like dog shit.

I ate beans that I’m sure were filled with brown sugar. I ate three burgers and two hot dogs with all the fixin’s. I also ate some brownies. When I fall, I fall hard.

I’m back in the swing, but my body was not ready for that destruction. 

— My dog ate some beans too.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Molly has, no joke, been letting out some loud farts. This is a fairly new development. She always acts like it’s the first time. She gets surprised and then scared. 

— My father gifted me a weed whacker and a blower as housewarming gifts.

I’ve enjoyed doing yard work more than I ever thought I would. I mow the lawn religiously.

When someone gives you a gift like that, it’s like giving someone a gym membership, right? “No, no, you haven’t gained any weight. I don’t mean anything by it.”

Theory: My dad couldn’t have been happy with the way the edges of my grass looked. 

— I watched ‘The Lion King’ on TV on Tuesday night.

I think if I ever came face to face with a lion, I could befriend it. Lions love music.