You read that headline right – Fans are stupid.

I know this because I am one.

The Penguins lost last night and were swept out of the first round by the New York Islanders. I’ve heard the sweep characterized as “embarrassing.” I’ve heard fans say they are “furious.”

Altruism, engage!

Sports are supposed to be a distraction from our meaningless lives. They’re supposed to help us forget that Grandma is in a home and that “Paul is hitting that rock again.” I’ve been guilty of getting upset during a sporting event. I’m sure we all have.

If sports are supposed be a distraction, though, haven’t the Penguins been the ultimate distraction? They’ve made the playoffs every year for the last 13 years. The team has been to five conference finals, four Stanley Cup finals, and won the damn thing three times. They’ve been anything but “embarrassing.”

If you’re furious, that’s a YOU problem. They’ve brought me great joy. How many times are they supposed to win? 13? Every other year? The Penguins have had the greatest run in the salary cap era. That should be good enough for any well-adjusted adult.

–Last weekend, I cut my new lawn for the first time. Two days later it was snowing. What’s up, Pittsburgh!? 

I actually find mowing the lawn to be therapeutic. That is until I ran over a pile of dog shit that I forgot to clean up. How’s that for aromatherapy? There’s nothing relaxing about scraping feces out of the bottom of a lawn mower. 

–Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning were eliminated from the playoffs. In the regular season, they had the most wins in the history of the league.

That’s hockey!

It’s why I love the damn game, but it’s probably one of the reasons why it’s a distant 4th in terms of national intrigue among the four major sports.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Pens fans are “furious” and “embarrassed” after winning the cup three times in 10 years. Imagine being a Lightning fan today. 

–My cats still aren’t used to the new house and start meowing incessantly every morning when the sun comes up. I love them, I really do. Sometimes I do think about throwing the smaller one in the microwave.

–I love Game of Thrones. I don’t read as much as I used to, but I have read a lot of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” It’s damn good. I found myself just as excited for the premier of season 8 as I was to watch Tiger win the Masters this weekend. 

–Good for Tiger, by the way. We’ve all made mistakes. We will all make more mistakes. It’s what human beings do. Tiger Woods has overcome a lot of things, but among them are pain and addiction. We’ve all been affected in some form or fashion by those things. Good on Tiger to fight his demons and prove that it’s possible to achieve greatness after tremendous personal and professional failure.