I’ve always been a big fan of soccer.

I played on the travel team early on in high school and played a bunch throughout my youth. I love watching the Premier League on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Until fairly recently, though, I never had a team.

I’m now a TottenhamHotspur supporter.

Altruism, engage!

It’s been refreshing to learn about a sports culture that is totally different from our own. I thought I was done with sports discovery. I think I know a fair amount about sports. I KNOW that I am opinionated when it comes to sports. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to learn the way that I have been able to when it comes to Tottenham and the Premier League. I’ve been memorizing rosters and contracts and opponents and team and league history. It’s been a fun hobby. It’s even made me look at North American sports differently. 

–I was flipping through channels on TV on Sunday night before I settled on “50 First Dates.”

What a flick.

Does this count as a guilty pleasure movie? Or is it just a good movie? I enjoy it every time I see it. 

What a concept, too. Every night when Drew Barrymore goes to sleep she forgets everything that happened to her before a horrific car accident. Memories make us who we are, but there are some things I wouldn’t mind forgetting. The 2012 playoff series between the Flyers and Penguins comes to mind. I wish it wouldn’t. How about every Steelers/Patriots game from 2001 to now? I could probably do without the memory of being made fun of for wearing tube socks in 8th grade. Okay, it was 12th. You get the picture. 

–The Penguins lost to the Red Wings in a game that could have clinched them a playoff berth for the 13th straight year. This means that the sky is falling in Penguinland. Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and Brian Dumoulin each missed the game. This wasn’t an effort problem. This was a “we don’t have enough healthy players” problem. If they get healthy, they’ll be fine. If not, they won’t be. Why pay players like Malkin, Dumoulin, and Letang if you’re going to be better off without them. 

–Mike Tomlin recently made it clear that he’s not happy with the lack of black head coaches in the NFL.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Right now there are only three of them. Meanwhile 68 percent of players in the league are African American.

The comments section of this story on other outlets looks exactly like you’d think it would. It’s sad. A lot of, “there doesn’t need to be a Rooney rule. Hire the best man for the job.”

By that logic, you think there are only three black men in the world that are qualified to coach NFL football. The Rooney Rule allows for black men to be interviewed when they otherwise wouldn’t have a shot. They don’t often get a shot because the NFL is an old (white) boys club. 

–We lost a friend this week. I won’t print his name because he, nor the family, would probably appreciate the unwanted attention. It was sudden, and it’s heartbreaking. There’s nothing like the finality of death. Memories, like I mentioned above, are so crucial in these difficult times. My friend was always was able to make me laugh. He was caring. He was kind. He will be missed.