We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of my favorite travel deal yet, getting myself from Pittsburgh to Paris for $149 each way to go to the French Open.

I only wish I had taken more cheap flights on WOW air before that cheapness torpedoed the whole company.

But let’s fire up Google Flights and see some deals for 2019.

A few parameters:

  • All of these itineraries are out of Pittsburgh International Airport, because that’s the airport I (and a plurality of my Twitter followers) fly out of.
  • These are weeklong trips.
  • All flights are non-stop, unless otherwise noted. Though, as George Carlin would say, “Call me old fashioned, but I insist my flight stop. Preferably at an airport.”
  • Each airline is limited to two total spots on the list. Yes, Spirit, your flights are very cheap. But I must branch out.

Even if you’re not a Pittsburgh flyer, hopefully this will just serve as a reminder: There really are cheap flights to great destinations if you’re willing to search.

Here we are, in no particular order:

1. PIT to Los Angeles, September ($139 round-trip on Spirit)

Ah, my favorite value destination. I’ll be going back during the first week of June.

Altruism, engage!

If you decide to visit L.A., be sure to use my list of 14 things to do for under $14.

2. PIT to Denver, Tuesday flights for much of the summer ($187 round-trip on Frontier)

I’ve never been to Colorado, but I’m always down to make some bad marijuana jokes.

Man, now I know why they call it the MILE-HIGH city!

That’s a free one, folks.

Marking this itinerary down for the possibility of seeing the Pirates play at Coors Field on Labor Day weekend.

3. PIT to Knoxville, several Monday/Friday options through summer ($70 round-trip on Allegiant).

Allegiant Air: As Seen On 60 Minutes!

Okay, I’m not going to wave off Allegiant’s safety record. It’s the main reason I’ve never flown on the airline, despite my insatiable appetite for deeeeealz.

I just made up a new rule for myself: I’ll only fly Allegiant if it’s to a destination that I could semi-reasonably drive back from, in case of emergency.

Even I can’t resist a $35 flight to cross a national treasure off my list…

And after I finally see Dollywood, I may visit the Great Smoky Mountains!

Yeah, that’s pretty cool too, I guess.

4. PIT to Tampa, September ($109 round-trip on Spirit)

Ah, now we’ve entered the Visiting Family portion of the deals. My Dad lives in the Tampa Bay region…

5. PIT to St. Louis, multiple dates ($236 round-trip on Southwest)

… And my sister lives near St. Louis with two adorable children whom I really should see more of, outside of Instagram Stories.

6. PIT to Orlando, starting basically when school’s back in session ($190 round-trip on Southwest)

When the kids are away, the obsessive, theme-park-loving weirdos like myself will play.

August 29: Kids start going back to school just in time for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open at Walt Disney World (it opens sooner at Disneyland in California).

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Soon, my pretty. (jpellgen, @1179_jp/Creative Commons)

But you need not be Disney-only, my friends. Check out my list of ways to get a good value out of going to Universal Orlando, as they try to compete with Star Wars.

7. PIT to Miami, a few dates in August ($183 on American)

You can also find cheap nonstops from Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale on Spirit.

I will continue to stan (as the kids say) for Spirit. Did you know they were recently No. 1 in the U.S. for on-time arrivals?

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

They fell from that No. 1 spot in later months, but details, details.

8. PIT to Frankfurt, Germany, on their last few seasonal flights ($530 on Condor)

All the transatlantic hubbub at Pittsburgh International right now is about the return of Pittsburgh-to-London direct flights. I get it.

But let’s not forget about the direct flights to Germany.

From May 31 to Sept. 16, Condor will once again be flying from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt, twice a week.

I’m on a quest to visit all 23 Summer Olympic host cities. So far… I’ve got 10!

Even if you’re not interested in Frankfurt proper, it’s the fourth-busiest airport in Europe, giving you a lot of connecting options for fall travel.

9. PIT to San Juan, Puerto Rico, late-summer into fall ($309 connecting on Delta)

Unfortunately, I can’t see “late-summer into fall” and a Caribbean destination without thinking about hurricane season.

God forbid, if another destructive hurricane were to hit Puerto Rico so soon after Hurricane Maria, the cost would be far more devastating than some ruined vacations.

But no matter your destination, you might want to read this piece on taking budget airlines and when you should consider travel insurance.

10. PIT to Shanghai, mostly in the fall ($596 connecting on Air Canada)

Okay, it’s not the $400 round-trip deal to China that I saw a few months ago.

But going from the eastern U.S. to China for under $600 is still a bargain.

And I’ll continue to be on the hunt for bargains, if only because I’m chasing the thrill of PARIS FOR $149 all over again.