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(Editor’s Note: Read Part 1 of Amy’s Do-Goodery intro!)

The majority of the last decade with my husband has been spent traveling the world, alternating between being the plus-one and getting a plus-one.

We most recently added a Middle Eastern pin to our world map, visiting Saudi Arabia and Egypt in September. Drew was my plus-one on this trip, happy to escort me to a new place neither of us had ever been: The World Championship of The Drone Racing League, in KAEC, just outside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The DRL is a show I host, broadcast on ESPN2.

It’s a mind game when you travel that far, and that fast; it can feel like you’re time traveling. Sometimes we’d eat four breakfasts in a day as we traveled through various time zones on what could seem like endless connecting flights. When we arrived, we felt as thought we’d stepped back in time, to when different societal rules applied. To when ancient civilizations made incredible feats of human engineering that still defy explanation to this day.

The long journey and culture shock is so worth it, by the way. Learning about different ways of life is essential to having empathy for others. It gives you a newfound respect and admiration for your own country’s (seemingly fraying?) hopes and values.

Altruism, engage!

I travel a lot; as such, I’ve become pretty savvy and don’t waste much time in lines. If I can help it.

I have TSA Pre-Check, a MUST these days, and Global Entry, a must if you’re an international traveler. I’m a carry-on kinda gal, checking bags only when absolutely necessary, like a long trip overseas. Trust me, this tip alone will save you hours (and dollars) at the airport. No need to check in or wait at baggage claim = Hours of your life back.

I always book direct flights when possible. It’s worth a few extra bucks, or miles, if your a rewards lover like me. I have flown on five free flights this year just by accruing frequent flier miles. I may share more strategies on that in a future entry. And of course, my fellow Do-Gooder James Santelli does some work in that space as well.

Outside of air travel there are a million ways we can save time in our everyday lives. Things from saving time at the DMV — always make an appointment and double-check what documents you need for said appointment — to getting through the grocery store in under an hour.

I personally love perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, holding and smelling each piece of produce. I find it cathartic. (Self care, anyone?) But if you’re super-pressed for time, or don’t find the market to be particularly zen, you can pre-order your groceries online.

Speaking of grocery stores and travel, a man in Egypt told my husband and I that he wanted to come to America and work in one of our grocery stores because they were so nice. That made me think. He’s not wrong. They are nice, and it’s definitely not a bad place to work. But most Americans do not aspire to work in them.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

World travel makes me feel so much gratitude. Which is so confusing because here at home, I know that many of us are finding that these times are trying. The news is depressing. It’s why I started a show called What’s Good, dedicated to positive, uplifting news.  

Listen, I’m informed. I’m hurt, I’m scared, I’m appalled and — yet — dare I say I’m inspired! This a precious moment in time. The greatest time to be alive! Times are changing. Let’s rethink the way we operate so we can truly impact others and change the world. We do that by spending time on what we love. Not bashing what we hate.

So that’s what you’ll find here from me, week to week. An honest, open, heartfelt anthology on time. Through my lens, I’m excited to continue to travel the world and meet interesting people along the way.  

I hope you enjoy the stories I glean from those experiences, like the beef I inadvertently caused with Snooki … 

(Coming up Saturday … Practical steps to getting more productivity out of your time!)

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