The lovely Grace Kelly

Elegance and grace are associated with the golden era of Hollywood. Screen sirens like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly  were the epitome of, well – grace – and poise. In 2019, it’s a bit harder to find examples of this. We live in the Instagram era and belfies –  buff selfies – are a thing.

We’ve traded quiet confidence for bold look-at-me attention grabs. The market is saturated, and even the talented Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga, resorted to this when she created her alter ego and finally got the attention she deserved in Hollywood.

Altruism, engage!

When you find someone using their platform gracefully, they are true diamonds in the rough.

Grace is an underrated virtue in today’s society. I just spent the last 21 days meditating on this topic with Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 day mediation challenge. I love when they release these wonderful resources for free and I encourage you to take advantage of them too. They not only get you into the very beneficial habit of meditation, they offer you guidance and support along the way.

21 days later, and I feel full of gratitude. A grateful heart accompanies a graceful attitude. I have felt the flow of life moving easily and I’ve become less resistant. These were both tested when my husband and I traveled to our hometowns for back to back baby showers. Family has a way of reverting us, don’t they?

Not this time!

We were able to fully enjoy our time with our families – judgement, passive aggressiveness and all – and take care of some business while we were there.

While in St. Louis, I made some really great progress with a project I mentioned last week. My friend and writing partner Danielle Argyros and I are getting ready to pitch our pilot. It focuses on our Missouri upbringing and experience at the local modeling school. Danielle set up a meeting for me when I was in town. It was with the head of the agency it’s based on, who remembered me as a student 20 years ago!

At first I was intimidated and several thoughts entered my mind; it’s too soon, we’re not ready, they’ll never let us shoot here, I’m a fraud – a familiar scene played out in my mind. Then, I focused on the gratitude I had for Danielle and her forethought to make this initial contact for our project. Then, I got excited about the meeting and – low and behold – it was great.

Monica at Barbizon opened her heart – and the doors of the school – with warmth and excitement. I got to go back in time to my teen years, remembering those Saturdays spent learning make up techniques and practicing my runway walk.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

With the current students of Barbizon St. Louis

She was thrilled that we would consider hiring some of her talent when we’re ready to shoot our pilot. We also talked about what she’s been teaching students for over 30 years; it’s not just about being pretty. It’s about having a warm personality, a sunny disposition, a hopeful attitude, and resilience to stay in the game long enough to catch a break.

While Barbizon seems to be training models, they are actually teaching valuable life skills. Including grace. It’s why I begged my parents to enroll me as a fresh faced 14 year old. It’s why we’re writing a series that takes place within those very walls.

Grace – a forgotten art that allows us to really enjoy life. It allows us to move on from loss easily. It allows us to take pride in the work we’re doing, no matter how long it takes to complete. It gives us satisfaction in what we have, not what we wish we had. It keeps our heads held high and our hearts full. It’s an Old Hollywood secret that will never go out of style.