Today, my husband and I shared some precious news on social media – we are having our first baby this July.

We’ve kept this news relatively private, sharing with family and close friends over the holidays, and slowly letting business colleagues in on the surprise.

We found out in October. Keeping this to ourselves was not easy. I wanted to tell everyone. But the fear got to me. Fear of losing the baby. Fear of what this new identity would mean for me as a woman in Hollywood. Fear of doing something wrong.

Altruism, engage!

As the months went on, and my hormones leveled off, it was less about fear and more about empowerment and protecting this precious soul. As you know, I have mixed feelings about social media so shouting it out to the world didn’t seem all that appealing right away. We wanted to enjoy it privately.

Now, it’s getting to the point where I can’t hide it on TV by wearing loose clothing. I’m actually surprised I’ve been able to conceal my bump for this long. I’m nearly 22 weeks – over the halfway point. As many other moms have told me, ‘one day, your belly just pops’. And mine just did.

I was nervous to tell the folks at ET. I envisioned a scene out of Knocked Up.

It was not like that at all but I do think there’s truth in that “people like pregnant” line. Industry wide, everyone has been very kind and supportive. 

So, today, on the day my late father would have turned 61, we share the news openly. We chose this day as a tribute to the grandfather our baby will never meet.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

It’s also the 22 week mark. 22 has always been a special number to me. I was born on July 22nd. My late sister was born on August 22nd. My niece Paisley’s birthday is October 22nd (as is Zac Hanson’s, fun fact!)

It’s official – Baby Seeley is arriving July 2019. A Cancer, year of the pig baby, just like momma. We have opted not to find out the sex until birth. Drew said to me “there are so few surprises in life, how amazing would this one be?” Incredibly amazing, my love.

The truth is, we don’t care what genitalia our baby is born with. We know we’re having a healthy human baby, and that’s all we need to know. We cannot wait to meet the child who chose us for parents and will undoubtedly teach us just as much as we will teach him or her.

My wish for this baby is beyond being a boy or a girl. It’s to be a good person, whatever gender they are born and/or chose to identify with. One thing is for sure – shaping this young life is definitely going to be our most exciting, challenging, and fulfilling role to date.