In case you missed it, the universe conspired against my plan to singe my taste buds last week.

But last week is last week. No use delaying it any more.

It’s time for pain and suffering!

I’ll leave most of the reveal for the video below, but suffice it to say that I wanted to produce as pure of a pepper product as possible — call me the Heisenberg of capsaicin — so instead of taking a bite of each of my three specimens, I decided to grind up a bit of each into a hot pepper compote, if you will.

Using just a touch of water and my Magic Bullet(TM) blender, I produced enough pepper substance to get the full sensory experience. I wanted an authentic sight and smell to go with the taste, but I also wanted to get about a half teaspoon of each without the interference of seeds or tough skin.


Poblano. Serrano. Habanero. Here we go. *gulp*

From the Gajtka Family kitchen in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, it’s the crescendo of the first edition of Scaring Matt:

Next week: The aftereffects, the regrets and the takeaways!

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