Social media. It started as a fun hobby. An easy way to connect and share photos and thoughts with friends and family.

That has quickly changed.

Now, it seems if you don’t have a professional photographer following your every move, (ie: walking into Monday like, oh hey here’s a totally styled photo) you’re falling behind.

Altruism, engage!

What was once a fun tool to communicate with the masses now seems to be a commoditized popularity contest. And frankly, it stresses me out.

I’ve tried to keep up. I tried to get my husband to take pictures for me with my DSLR. He takes one shot and says ,”there’s your photo.” No babe, I need the photo, not a photo. He clearly has no interest in being an instagram husband. Shoulda vetted his photog skills before the wedding. Kidding…

I even briefly joined a “boost group.” Never heard of it? Well, let me peel back the curtain and expose what’s really going on in Hollywood. To beat the pesky algorithms that prevent your photos from staying relevant in your friend’s newsfeeds, like-minded folks band together in secret groups of 10 or more and all agree to like and comment on each others’ photos.

I lasted a week. It felt like it was a full time job. Constantly being dinged to like and comment on the posts of all 12 members. Not how I wanted to spend my days. But the people in the group? Their numbers have certainly increased. I guess it’s working for them, so bravo.

See, lots of “likes.”

I’ve already got a decent following: 18.7K on instagram. Not enough to attract sponsors but I’m proud of my organic following and have genuine interactions with my peeps. But sometimes the platform really gets me down. I’ll post a sexy shot from a professionally shoot and enjoy the hit of dopamine I get from the thousands of likes. But the feeling is fleeting.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Giving Tuesday is a prime example. I posted a picture with a heartfelt caption, asking for support for of one of my favorite charities, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post, The Art of Elysium. That photo got 90 likes. 90. That’s .005% of 18.7k. It’s petty that I did the math, I know. But it really irritated me. Meanwhile a friend of mine posted a #sponsored #ad for yogurt and got nearly 3k likes the same day.

I’m a sensitive creature. It hurts when I spend my time pouring my heart into something and have the public seemingly reject it. Yet, they’ll happily eat up a blatant advertisement, so long as the photo is pretty. So what gives?

We’ll get to the bottom of this next week.

To be continued….