Should the NFL allow pass interference calls or non-calls to be challenged? The owners have put it up to the competition committee to decide. 

The league is concerned that every so-called ‘Hail Mary’ will be challenged, so they are going to have to define what a ‘Hail Mary’ is and make it exempt from the rule.

That’s trash.

This is an example of the NFL trying to make the game better, but actually muddying the waters.

In baseball, I’d love for a pitch that’s called a strike in the first inning to still be called a strike in the ninth. In the NHL, wouldn’t it be nice for penalties to be called the same way from October until June? (It would also be great if they could get it right in the first period and the third period alike.)

Altruism, engage!

We know that those things don’t happen. The NHL, in particular, has a huge problem with consistency. Referees tend to swallow the whistle as the games get more important. 

What the NFL is considering here is even worse. The game would be officiated differently based on the time remaining and score factors. It would be written into the rulebook. 

A game shouldn’t be played one way for 58 minutes, and then have the rules abruptly change for the last two. 

I think the NFL should stick with its current rules regarding pass interference. 

Notes …

Before I started the keto diet I was ‘skinny fat.’

I wasn’t a hefty dude, but I wasn’t in shape, either.

After having changed my lifestyle for a month, I’m down 18 pounds and I’m feeling as good as I have in a long time.

I am sleeping through the night, waking up earlier, and feeling refreshed.

I’m now kicking ass with workouts that I struggled through at the beginning of this journey.

With Memorial Day around the corner, I’m sure that I’ll have a burger, a dog, and a beer. But after that, I’m back on the keto track.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree called The Athletic beat reporter Mark Kaboly “fat boy” on Twitter.

Fuck that.

Mark was on my show yesterday and he made a great point: Choose your words wisely because you never know what a person is going through.

Mark can handle being called names. Some people can’t.

Have we always been this mean? We’ve all thought and said things that we don’t mean. We’re human, but there’s no reason to be mean to a person’s face.

Even in a disagreement, we shouldn’t be using personal attacks.