Rambling thoughts from a silly man…

–The Steelers didn’t make the playoffs. Antonio Brown threw a football at Ben Roethlisberger. Art Rooney II’s football franchise used to be revered and respected. Nationally and locally now, it’s being raked over the coals. They’ve become the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers are a brand, but one that’s not living up to expectations.

–Until yesterday, I had no idea that coffee makers were designed to stop dripping when you pulled out the pot. When I pulled the pot out early before, I felt so naughty. Now it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction. 

Altruism, engage!

–Steelers nation and Steelers media were arguing this week about which player deserves the team MVP award. I’m a sports radio host. My job is meaningless. But as far as meaningless topics go in a meaningless job, that one strikes me as about as meaningless as it gets. The team didn’t make the playffs and we’re going to argue about which player deserves to be the MVP of that heaping pile of underachieving crap? Did the captain of the Titanic get voted as the MVP of the cruise? 

–I recently discovered that the movie Kevin McAllister was watching in Home Alone isn’t some classic film. It’s fake. My whole life feels like a lie.

–I’m 28 years old. In my lifetime, the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup 5 times. They’ve gone to the playoffs for 12 straight seasons. At one point or another over the last three decades, Lemieux, Jagr, Crosby or Malkin was the best player in hockey. The Steelers over the same period of time have had a lot of success. They’ve won two championships and been to a handful of AFC Championship games. But for someone my age, the Penguins have been the more successful franchise. At Christmas dinner, the 1970’s Steelers came up. Is there anything more Pittsburgh than that? In 30 years, I bet I will be waxing poetic to my grandkids about the Crosby era Penguins. That is if global warming doesn’t kill us all first.  

–I closed on a new house this week. I’ve never been a handy man. I am the kind of guy who says “righty tighty lefty loosey.” Now that I’ve got a new place though, I’m committed to learning. Maybe I’ll have Gajtka over to spruce the place up. He looks like he can get shit done. 

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

–Players are skipping bowl games. The old guard media is upset about this. I couldn’t care less. You do you homies. Ironically, the same people who seem to think that skipping bowl games is a mortal offense think that there are too many bowl games. I love bowl season. I’m a dork. I love football. Why should anyone be upset that there’s more football on television?

–I got my hair cut today. I know that I’m not sexy, but I feel sexy.

–I don’t believe much in New Years resolutions. I think we should all be attempting to better ourselves at all times. That being said, I’m going to be working on being mentally and physically healthy in 2019. I want to feel better a year from now than I do right now. Diet and dialogue in 2019.