Dear Lukas,

Just as quickly as I start a healthy habit, I can fall into one that runs counter to my well-being.

I think this pattern is hard-wired into my brain. Perhaps you can relate. For as much as I intellectually realize what I need to do to be at my best, I can fall into emotional traps of laziness and a lack of discipline.

Altruism, engage!

There are so many distractions to a productive life. Stupid brain!

I think our minds are helpless against the bombardment of stimuli in our world. Life was much more dull for our ancestors, but that probably kept them on task. Even old-fashioned daydreaming seems to have been shown the door, to the possible detriment of our mental health.

To that point, one wasted hour can easily lead to two and three, and then a squandered day. Which leads me down a path of self-flagellation and self-pity, which leads to more wasted time. Vicious cycle? I’ll say.

The best way to combat this parasite is to come bursting out of the gate at the start of the morning. My best self-actualization comes on days when I begin early. 

You might ask: Begin what early? Anything. Anything at all. Momentum at the gym or on the track can easily transfer to the laptop or the microphone, or vice versa. As long as I just do something, it’s easier to do something else afterward.

I’m no physicist, but this seems like a study in momentum.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Or is it inertia? An object in motion stays in motion. That might be it.



Calories burned (active): 1,131
Minutes exercised: 121
Hours stood: 15
Steps taken: 8,793
Activity: Full-body workout (90 minutes)

Hours shirtless: None (losing momentum here)