Dear Lukas,

Although I pride myself in taking a step back when analyzing situations outside my personal life — an attribute that has occasionally been fruitful in a sports media career — I often stink at it when it comes to what I’m doing.

I tend to be a prisoner of the moment, riding the waves of emotion and day-to-day variance.

Altruism, engage!

That’s why getting the weekly Apple Watch updates on my habits can be so interesting. For instance, last time we spoke I felt like I was only so-so at reaching my calorie burn goals, but even though I came up short of 1,000 on three of the seven days since, I averaged over 1,000 — 1,054 to be exact — over that span, so I’m feeling better about myself already.

This might come off as an advertisement for the Apple Watch, so I should clarify: I have not been transformed into some superhero by wearing it.

For example, I still haven’t really dug into the myriad apps out there that could enhance my experience. I still have to fight through the same mindless tendencies in order to feel like I’m keeping my health on track. All the buzzes and alerts in the world can still be ignored if there if I’m not committed to making a change.

But there’s no doubt in my brain that having a little (or in some cases, a lot) of extra information at my disposal has been a net positive, and Apple has no monopoly over that. It’s been confirmed through studies that people who keep track of their activity in a tangible way have more consistency.

Here’s what I know: Over the past two months or so, I’m on my feet more, I’m walking more, I’m generally more focused, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that an enhanced sense of how I spend my day has accompanied those changes.

This feeling could be confirmation bias at work, but I see enough direct links to buy the cause and effect for now. Of course, life teaches you that the true test is the long haul.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works



Calories burned (active): 668
Minutes exercised: 58
Hours stood: 10
Steps taken: 7,925
Activity: Four-mile run at 8 mph


(Semicolon Count: 0)