It was pouring down rain. It was freezing cold. It would have been very easy for her not to come and yet, she showed up.

She packed the stroller with not one, not two, but three little ones, and she walked there. She showed up.

Last week I met a mom at a Family Center who had four little ones all under the age of five, just like me. I was drawn to talk to this mom. Something on her face was screaming: Talk to me, tell me I am doing okay, encourage me.

Mom and I started to talking and I asked her, “Are you doing this all by yourself?” She replied, “Yes, it’s just me. It’s very hard and it’s a lot, especially with the newborn.”

Altruism, engage!

While I was talking to this mom I kept thinking about this week’s episode of ‘The Resident.’ Dr. Conrad Hawkins is working with a patient whose health has been deteriorating for months — we later learn he has metal poisoning from a hip replacement — and his wife, who has stepped up as his caretaker, is about to break.

Dr. Hawkins notices, and says to his colleagues: “Nobody takes care of the caretaker.”

I have four kids. I have a newborn and yes, it is very hard and it is a lot.

It isn’t just me. Mike and I are in this together and we support each other. I have an entire network of friends and family who will help me whenever I need it. It is true when they say it takes a village.

When mom was packing up to leave the party at the Family Center, she got all of her little ones bundled up, loaded into the stroller, and headed back out into the rain to walk home.

She showed up. She showed up to help her give her kids a fun, meaningful, special birthday celebration.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

We showed up. We helped give her a great party, encouragement, some brand new clothing, and hopefully, we helped take care of her that day. A village of birthday cheer.

“Sometimes the bravest and important thing you can do is just show up.”


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