I am 9 months pregnant. I’m officially in the home stretch. Happy to report I’m still feeling great. But those who haven’t had such pleasant pregnancies and want me to commiserate with the aches and pains – you’ll be happy to know I’m suffering from my first pregnancy related ailment – carpal tunnel. I’m risking further inflammation right now just typing this. That’s how committed I am to this journal!

Since returning from our Babymoon a few weeks ago, to ensure my body and mind stay in sound condition, my husband and I have made a concerted effort to pare down our commitments. It won’t be long before we, become three. Right now, we’re soaking in as much quite alone time as we can.

As relaxing as it’s been, it’s been an emotional time for the both of us. I had a mini breakdown in Hawaii. We were enjoying a nice leisurely night out, grabbing dinner at one of the adorable food truck parks near our hotel and it suddenly hit me; it’s not just the two of us anymore. We’ve enjoyed 13 years together. Getting to know one another. Falling madly in love with each other. Doing what we want, when we want to.

Altruism, engage!

That’s all about to change. Yes, we are thrilled. But we are also taking time to honor our feelings and to be honest and vulnerable about the very human emotions we’re experiencing.

I posted about this on Instagram and was blown away by the support.

Turns out, this is a very normal stage of life for soon to be parents. Mourning the “death” of the twosome. This sounds dramatic. But it’s the truth. Our relationship is going to change, ultimately for the better, but change is scary.

We have built a beautiful partnership over the past 13 years and now we’re bringing a helpless, needly little person into the equation. How will a baby change us? How will we communicate as parents? Will we ever get alone time again? These are the questions we’re facing and will only learn the answers to once our little one arrives.

I do know that, through this pregnancy, we’ve already drawn closer, been communicating better, and have shared a deeper intimacy than ever before. It’s funny how just 9 months time can lead to the biggest growth spurt we’ve had, probably since we got married.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

I know we have a solid foundation. We are in this together.  We will look back on this time and think, “What were so afraid of, this is amazing!”

As our days alone dwindle, we’re savoring the simplicity. Taking walks around the neighborhood, cooking together, and enjoying the quiet. Honestly, it’s been heavenly. If this is what our next few months looks like, with a little more noise and a few less hours of sleep, I can’t wait.

As scary as it can be, change is always a good thing. You have to change the narrative. It’s not about what was, but what is, and what’s coming. Newness is exciting.

That being said, we’re in no rush. Until baby decides to come Earth side, we’ll enjoy the comforts and familiarity of being a boring, old married couple for a few more weeks.