Readers, I must confess – I have not, this week, been thinking about thinking.

I have been thinking…about bugs.

Tuesday, I got the call every parent most dreads from daycare.

“We need you to pick up your kids. There’s been lice in the building. Your oldest said her head was itching. We checked, and sure enough…”

Altruism, engage!

Readers, I don’t know if you’ve ever had to deal with lice. I hope you never have. You should know, however, that it’s a real headache. And not just on the scalp!

There’s the delousing itself. Getting that special shampoo. Letting it sit. Rinsing it out. Combing through each individual strand of hair with that tiny little comb, looking for the eggs. All of this on very unwilling pre-k children who don’t fully understand why it’s happening despite your best explanations.

And the washing.

Oh God. The washing.

Washing bedding, washing hats, washing coats, washing everything a human head may conceivably have touched.
And then of course, later, it all – from the shampoo to the washing – has to be done again, lest you miss any eggs and find yourself in this same position.

All of this adds up to a logistical nightmare. Time away from work, both to de-louse and to follow the “Must be clear for 24 hours before re-entry” daycare rule. I’m glad my job offers paid time off, readers. If I were one of the millions of Americans without it, I’d have really been put in a rough spot.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Time for washing. Time for drying. Time for inspecting. Looking everywhere for the infernal creatures. Rooting them out. Even one can start the infestation anew.

In short, readers, my week has been filled with logistics. Not of the formal variety that usually consumes this column, but instead of the more…every-day variety.

But – all is now clear on the home front, or so I hope. I am sorry I left you last week, readers. I am back in action now.

Until next time…keep thinking! And avoid itching!