Our Mission

Willful ignorance is being weaponized. We’re fighting back.


Our singular goal is positive change. We need your trust to make it happen.

Future Goals

We’ve just started; here’s where we’re going.

What is Do-Goodery?!

Welcome to Do-Goodery!   If you're like most people, you're probably wondering, 'What ... what is this?' We're glad you asked! There are (at least) two answers to that question. -Do-Goodery is our answer to the question: 'How can we effect a gigantic amount of...

Transparency: How your $$$ helps the world

When you donate to Do-Goodery, you’ll receive an email from us detailing the amount of money you've donated, and the number of Do-Goods added to your account. This statement from us will be helpful for your tax records, so hang onto it! As for how your donation is...

Welcome to Do-Goodery!

An Introduction to the platform, its features and how the whole thing works. Do-Goodery is a big idea; this post should help.

Intro to Do‑Goodery

Some additional context on the platform’s coolest features.

Our Team

Do-Goodery is just an idea; it takes (these) people to make that idea a reality.

Altruism, engage!

Division A Leaders

# Avatar Name DGs
1 Beverly's Birthdays 472
2 Carnegie STEM Girls 366
3 Cameroon Football Development 250
4 Assemble 236

Division B Leaders

# Avatar Name DGs
1 A+ Schools 704
2 Our Clubhouse 287
3 1Hood Media 251
4 Ujamaa Collective 243