Welcome to Do-Goodery!  

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering, ‘What … what is this?’

We’re glad you asked! There are (at least) two answers to that question.

-Do-Goodery is our answer to the question: ‘How can we effect a gigantic amount of positive change in the world?’ That’s the end we’re trying to achieve here. We’re horrified at the state of the world and we’re doing something about it. We hope you will, too.

-Do-Goodery is a content platform. Anyone on Earth can submit content to help raise awareness (and money!) for our Non-Profit partners, who are basically professional Do-Gooders.

In short, we’re hoping to inspire charitable giving by making it fun. And we’re trying to act as a megaphone for our Non-Profit partners, giving them access to lots of new eyeballs and surrounding them with professional entertainment sensibilities.

We think the American Idea is worth fighting for. And we think people are craving a way to do … something … about the state of the world, apart from casting a vote every few years.

Altruism, engage!

We want to be that for people. We want to give people hope and let them know that basic ideas of adulthood like Science, Decency and Truth are absolutely worth fighting for.

At its heart, Do-Goodery is a way to Fight Back against willful ignorance & the attacks on our societal norms. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Each one-time donation to Do-Goodery is split evenly three ways:

  • 1/3 to keep Do-Goodery running
  • 1/3 to our army of content creators
  • 1/3 to our Non-Profit Partners

Becoming a Subscribing Do-Gooder rewards our Non-Profit Partners even more:

  • 1/4 to keep Do-Goodery running
  • 1/4 to our army of content creators
  • 1/2 to our Non-Profit Partners

PayPal and their top-of-the-line data encryption services handle the financial bits. Your secret codes and monies and whatnot are in good hands, so feel free to Do as much Good as you’d like. 🙂 All donations will be distributed upon the conclusion of each three-month ‘Season.’ We have an accountant and everything.

Now the fun part: Your donation transforms (rather magically) … into Do-Goods!

What is a Do-Good!?

This is a Do-Good:

Do-Goods are all-powerful and possess the ability to change the world around you… which is nice.

Once you’ve acquired some Do-Goods, just head over to our Non-Profit Standings and allocate them to whichever Non-Profits you’d like!

Congrats – YOU’RE OFFICIALLY FIGHTING BACK! And man, does it feel good.

Use your Do-Goods to fund Educational Non-Profits, for example, and help inoculate the next generation from ignorant ideas like bigotry and manipulative strategies like fear-mongering.

If Education isn’t important to you (how dare you), we’ve got lots of other Non-Profits to analyze & choose from in our Non-Profit Hub.

The Non-Profit Hub is a really cool section of the site, btw. We’ve included all kinds of tools & stats to help you learn about our specific Non-Profit Partners and the larger Non-Profit industry. Between those features and the achievements suite — more on that in a sec — we’ve gamified charitable giving … partly so you can get the most out of your dollars and Do-Goods, but mostly because it’s fun. 🙂

If you become a Do-Goodery subscriber, you’ll receive Bonus Do-Goods every month, as detailed above. With an even larger % of your donation going to the Non-Profits, you’ll be able to fight back even harder.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works


The really fun part – after spending your Do-Goods, you’ve probably unlocked some Do-Goodery achievements! We’ve created dozens of them, many of which are secrets and/or will require some ingenuity to discover. So head into ‘Your DG Adventure’ atop the Main page and check on your progress.

It’s all hands on deck, people. Do-Goodery is more than a website; it’s a platform. It’s an army of altruism. It’s a movement. And it’s been designed to empower talented creators from all around the world … so if you’ve been searching for a way to Fight Back, you’ve found it.

  • If you’re a talented content creator, contact us. We might run your stuff! If so, you’ll be effecting positive change though the power of your talent … and you’ll get paid along the way.
  • If you’re a talented workplace professional and think you can add to the internal Do-Goodery Team, contact us. We’re always looking to deepen our roster of in-house Do-Gooders. We’re especially interested in Web Developers, Product Managers and Non-Profit professionals.
  • If you just like what we’re doing, join the fight! Your dollars will help our Non-Profit partners change the world, you’ll help reward our hard-working content creators, and you’ll help keep the lights on at DG HQ.


Thanks, guys.

If we possess the power to fix the world, we have a moral duty to do exactly that. And yes, we’ve just paraphrased Uncle Ben.

-The Do-Goodery Team

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