Creating jewelry with friends

Our Clubhouse provides a warm and welcoming environment for all those touched by cancer, including people with a cancer diagnosis and the friends and family that care for them.

From the initial diagnosis, through treatment and in the transition to life beyond cancer, all are welcome to join Our Clubhouse and participate in free activities that help people cope and maintain the best possible quality of life during this challenging time.

Since opening in 2006, Our Clubhouse has provided over 2,000 members with the following services:

• Health and Wellness Classes like yoga, healthy cooking workshops, and meditation

• Art and Creative Expression Workshops like painting, beading, and creative writing

• Educational Lectures that cover a variety of topics including emotional health, treatments, and side effects

• Clinical Support in individual, family, and group settings

• Social Activities that provide a great atmosphere to build a community of support

Making marshmallows in our kitchen

Additionally, Our Clubhouse maintains a comprehensive Family & Youth Program that is designed to meet the needs of children and teens that have a cancer diagnosis, as well as youth who have a loved one with cancer.

All who have been touched by cancer can become Our Clubhouse members and participate in unique and customized emotional and social support.

Watch this video for more insight into what we do:

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works