In October we partnered with University of Pittsburgh to sort through thousands of pieces of donated soccer equipment and jerseys and organized everything!

Then we packed nine barrels full of soccer balls, cleats, and jerseys and drove them to Columbus to pack them inside an oceanic shipping container and send over to Cameroon. When we got there we learned there was some additional space in the container. So what did we do?

Headed back to the storage unit in Pittsburgh to pack the truck full of more goods and return with another load!!

THOUSANDS more pieces of soccer gear from the Pittsburgh region are now packed inside the container and are on their way to Cameroon! We expect delivery before the end of the year.

What about the extra cost associated with the addition of equipment? We got a deal to send it all for $500 … and Mt. Lebanon Soccer Association generously agreed to cover the cost!! Huge thanks to Bri Sembrat, Director of Coaching, and the entire MLSA community!

Check out more about where the equipment goes on our website and please consider making a contribution to help cover the cost of shipping!

It costs us $350 to send one barrel of gear door to door. We still have four more barrels that we will be taking to Washington, D.C. in mid-November to empty our storage unit and make sure our team has everything they need to outfit the 500 youth participating in our PLAY4PURPOSE leagues.



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