STEM Stars LogoSTEM Star participants in grades 5-8, were given the opportunity to visit Carlow University on October 27, 2018 for our monthly Saturday Academy event. This month STEM Stars had a jam packed scheduled filled with engaging activities! Each girl participated in a Blood Typing workshop compliments of the Citizen Science Lab. Students learned about blood typing, and the roles of red and white blood cells in the human body. They discovered the eight different blood types and how common each type is.

Students also went on a tour of Carlow Unniversity’s campus with current students for their College and Career Exploration workshop. They enjoyed a delicious lunch, and attended a Character Development workshop on stereotypes and diversity. Students were presented with a Wall of Stereotypes and worked to break common assumptions on individuals. They then created a quilt to represent their personal identity. We look forward to November’s Saturday Academy at Point Park University!


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