Did you know that if you and your working friends, family and neighbors made a commitment to spend $50 every month at an independent business in our community, you’d be helping in tremendous ways to keep entrepreneurs alive and thriving — which does so much for all of us?

“Do Everything In Love” Journal

Local spending adds value to our neighborhoods, creates jobs and stable employment and helps provide a tax base to support schools where our children attend.

Altruism, engage!

Ujamaa supports lots of local entrepreneurs and makers from the Africana community through our retail boutique program based in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh. These are folks who work hard and are super creative, yet have historically been marginalized from the marketplace.

A corner of Ujamaa’s artisans’ retail boutique

Many of these same people may shop businesses in your neighborhoods and are looking for the reciprocal love!

So be good, snag the cool things you want, and be wise with your karma. Come shop with Ujamaa, lift up artists in a fair-trade manner and allow the positive vibes to follow you home!

From clothing to jewelry, skin care products to home decor, laptop cases, journals, and books — we’ve got a cross-section of everything here.

Come visit with us and see what unique handcrafted treasures you will find.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

And when you shop here, you are creating a ripple effect with your purchase. In fact, your impact will be made right here in the Hill District by helping us hold space for community, supporting local artists, and may even be felt around the world with one of Ujamaa’s global fair trade partners!

Who knew supporting a non-profit could be wise and stylish at the same time?