Here’s how we’ll keep things as transparent as possible.

Upon making a donation, or signing up for a subscription…

• First, you’ll receive an email from us detailing the number of Do-Goods added to your account. This statement from us will be helpful for your tax records, so hang onto it!

• Second, we want to make sure you understand how your funds are being distributed.  

Each one-time donation is split evenly three ways:

  • 1/3 to keep Do-Goodery running 
  • 1/3 to our army of content creators
  • 1/3 to our Non-Profit Partners

Becoming a Subscribing Do-Gooder rewards our Non-Profit Partners even more:

  • 1/4 to keep Do-Goodery running
  • 1/4 to our army of content creators
  • 1/2 to our Non-Profit Partners

• Third, we’ll rely on our partners at PayPal for their top-of-the-line data encryption services, which will allow all Do-Gooders to give with confidence. Any financial activity on the site will be handled by PayPal, so your banking information is in good hands.

• Finally, all funds committed to the participating non-profits will be distributed upon the conclusion of each ‘season.’

We can’t thank you enough for adding your sword to this fight; rest assured, our cause is just. Democracy, Decency, Reason — they’re all worth fighting for.