Believe it or not, Do-Goodery was built by one full-time person (me), two or three part-timers, and a half-dozen satellite Do-Gooders who help out every now and again.

As such, and befitting the nature of The Do-Goodery Initiative, we have quite a lot of room to add personnel.

We need content creators, of course, to bring consumers to DG and help us empower our (incredible) Non-Profit partners (thereby changing the world for the better).

But we also need other skill sets to help us grow and reduce the workload on our core team.

Altruism, engage!

Our major needs at this point:

Content creators / Social Media Ninja. Do-Goodery cannot work without talented creatives from across the country lending their swords! Our revenue model can only work at scale, so we need to be pumping out high-quality content on the reg, asap. If you’re a writer, a podcaster, a video ninja, or a social media ace, please reach out to me at Our content creators will be *paid volunteers* (see the revenue model), so if you have media experience, have good stories to tell, and are passionate about fighting for Democracy, Science and Decency, we would love to see what you can do! In terms of tone for our content, think NPR… but fun 🙂

it’s all hands on deck, people. Our Democracy hangs by a thread. The issues our Non-Profits work on every day will *absolutely* change our world for the better. So if you’re able, please help us help them!

Web developers / Webmasters / Coding experts. We’re currently a WordPress platform, so any particular expertise in WP would be a bonus.

Non-Profit Ninja. We lost our NP Lead a month prior to Launch, so Matt, Patrick and I were forced to divert time and energy from our primary roles in order to onboard our (incredible) Non-Profit Partners here in Season One. While I’m proud of the site here in the early innings, our vision been muted in terms of scope and polish. We can really use some impact talent with lots of experience in the NP industry to help free myself and others up to execute the way we’ll need to on the content side if we’re to succeed in effecting positive change.

Product Manager. I’m basically a hydra at this point, if we assume hydras wear hats. All of the hats are being worn! It’s a given that we’ll all need to be generalists in a startup, but Do-Goodery needs to add someone to manage the front end of the website. Patrick is doing a great job as our volunteer Project Manager. He keeps us organized, and he’s a great person. But he works a full-time job, 9-5, so we’ll need to add someone with mass media experience to help run the front-facing site, day-to-day.

Non-Profit Attorney. We have friends that are helping with various legal issues, but we could really use an in-house NP attorney who’d be willing to volunteer legal services when they’re needed.

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How Do-Goodery Works

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