Before I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood, I was incredibly supported.

I heard a lot of encouraging words like: “You’re a dime a dozen,” and “It’s really hard to make it in Hollywood,” and “There’s so much rejection!”

Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. People weren’t all that positive about my big dream. They suffered from limiting beliefs.

In yoga teacher training, we were taught a lot about not imposing these kinds of thoughts on students. Instead of telling someone not to try an advanced pose, instead suggest that, maybe you can’t do this now, but if you keep trying, maybe someday you will. It’s about encouraging exploration and allowing people to accept limitations as temporary. I love that.

Altruism, engage!

It turns out there are just as many – if not more – limiting beliefs in pregnancy. From the hospital system, to pain tolerance, to how your life will change, to how you’re supposed to feel, there is unwanted and inaccurate advice coming from every angle.

I have an app that helps me track my baby’s development. Somedays it tells me things like “You’re having a lot of trouble sleeping and suffering from insomnia” – Um, no I’m not, actually, I sleep very soundly.

Drew has an app as well. His often tells him things like “Amy is extra sensitive right now. Be careful to not upset her.” – Um, actually, Amy is feeling really strong and stable right now, thank you very much.

I was doing a pre-natal workout video over the weekend and there it was again – “You’re feeling more and more uncomfortable and you need to prepare your body for the hard labor coming your way!” What?! I’m not uncomfortable and please stop talking about labor so negatively!

UGH! Okay, now Amy is feeling uncomfortable, but not physically! I’ve about had it with all of these limiting beliefs. Yes, some women feel worn out, are in physical pain and can’t sleep. Amy Schumer, who just welcomed her bundle of joy, had a very hard pregnancy and suffered from hyperemesis.

I feel for Amy. I have other friends who have also had rough pregnancies. Mine has been so drastically different, I can sometimes spiral and think that means something is wrong with me or my baby! What I have learned is that there is no such thing as normal in pregnancy. It is different for everyone woman, and every baby.

But when apps and fitness gurus are telling us how we feel, how can we we properly assess our true feelings? I wonder how many women actually feel negatively about pregnancy, or say they do because they feel like they are supposed to feel that way?

I was filming my latest piece for Spectrum News on a Rob Lawless who’s on a mission to make 10,000 friends.

2581. “My bookshelf would just be glaring at me like a life not well lived.” Originally from the LA area, Tommy Sobel grew up wanting to act in the film industry. After graduating high school, though, he pursued a path of education by obtaining his Biology degree from @dukeuniversity. While there, Tommy started a project on neuroscience research, which he helped conduct at @ucla during the summers and then continued to work on after graduation. He only worked on his research one night per week, though, as he actually started working in film & production out of school for the producer, Kathleen Kennedy. Through his work with her on the movie, “The Adventures of Tintin,” Tommy then met Steven Spielberg’s team and ultimately joined them as a production assistant before becoming Steven’s second assistant. After 5 years of assisting, he then became the digital creative executive of @amblin and started working with people with large social media followings. Tommy began noticing that, like him, they were addicted to their phones and suffered from anxiety as a result, so he set a goal to turn his phone off for at least one hour each day. Inspired by his bookshelf, which contained hundreds of books, the majority of them unread, Tommy stuck to his goal, returned to his passion of reading and eventually took things further by creating a community to support his phone free movement. Tommy started @gobricknow and felt so strongly about it that he jumped into his vision full-time two years ago. Now, he hosts phone free events, such as retreats, game nights and choir sessions, is creating an app to help people turn their phones into a “brick” for an hour and ultimately hopes to help people return to lives full of fulfilling human interaction! So great to meet you, @tommysobel! #10kfriends #losangeles #echopark #duke #neuroscience #film #production #phonefree #humaninteraction #humanconnection #community #brick #meetingpeople * How we met: I came across Tommy’s company, @gobricknow, on a @yestheory episode and loved what he was doing so I DM’ed him to meet!

302 Likes, 6 Comments – 🌎 Rob Lawless (@robs10kfriends) on Instagram: “2581. “My bookshelf would just be glaring at me like a life not well lived.” Originally from the LA…”

Friend #2581, Tommy Sobel mentioned a book called A Curious Mind (which I promptly put on hold at my local library). He said it talks about this very concept. A young man drives a sports car, starts to feel tension in his back and thinks, maybe I just need to do some yoga and get the kinks out. A 70 year old man drives a sports car, starts to feel tension in his back and is told, maybe it’s time to give up the sports car. Perhaps all he needs is a little yoga, too?

I have had people treat me like a fragile flower now that I’m pregnant. They get all nervous when I walk down a flight of stairs or tell me to not work out. Actually research shows fitness is great for pregnancy and may be the reason I’ve felt so good throughout.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Yes, this journal is my most ranty rant yet. I’m beyond frustrated by the information pregnant women are fed and the limiting beliefs they passively adopt.

Pregnancy is a normal bodily function. Yes, our immune systems are a little bit weaker to supplement the growing baby. Yes, we should scale back on risky activities like snowboarding and gymnastics. But we are still strong, capable human beings!

I am not disregarding anyones feelings or experience. I’m also not trying to glamorize my own or make my pregnancy look instagram perfect. The truth is, I’ve had it very easy. I feel great and I thank God for that. I have felt guilty about admitting this because so many women seem to be suffering.

This is my story. I am not tired. I am tired of people telling me I’m tired. It’s time we listened to our bodies and not the outside voices telling us how we should feel. I, for one, am silencing my apps. I’m also inspired to make my own positive pregnancy fitness video.

The mind is a powerful tool. Science supports this! Fill yours with information, affirmations, and images that uplift and inspire you.

There’s no telling what you’re capable of.