When I sign in to Southwest.com, the landing page for My Account displays some strange text:


Okay, so it’s not in all caps like that. But it might as well be.

And it’s not just my Southwest account. It’s my Delta account. It’s my American Airlines account. For value’s sake, it’s even my Spirit account!

Altruism, engage!

Like the show of the late, great Anthony Bourdain: I have no reservations.

I feel like a bird that’s wings have been clipped. Or a salmon that can’t do that thing where it swims upstream.

Don’t get me wrong, I have places I want to go. Oh, the places I’d go.

I tried booking my girlfriend and I to Hawaii on some of the first (jaw-droppingly cheap!) Southwest itineraries. But I had to cancel them when the dates didn’t work out.

If I still had possession of my druthers, I would be in France following the U.S. as they score and golf-clap their way through the World Cup. But it was not to be.

No less than a month ago, I wrote a whole piece about the best-value flights out of Pittsburgh this summer/fall. But I haven’t pulled the trigger on any of them.

Have I lost my edge? Has The (Value) Traveller become The (Value) Remain-In-Placer?

Well, maybe just for this summer.

How It Works!

How Do-Goodery Works

Fact is, I’ve got to find a new place to live in Pittsburgh by August 1, and my calendar tells me I have a mere six weekends to find the place, clean out the old one, and move to the new one.

Also on that calendar: friends and family members stopping into town on various trips. And oh yeah, the full-time job that I can’t exactly pull off working remotely (you there, watch KDKA News at 6:00 every evening!).

And there is something to be said for enjoying Pittsburgh in the summertime. On the docket: a couple of OpenStreetsPGH events, outdoor shows at Stage AE, festivals like the Deutschtown Music Fest, and buying cheap Pirates tickets as the 2019 roster plods and injures its way through the dog days.

Pittsburgh is beautiful this time of year, particularly on the riverfront trails. If my summer involves a series of mini-staycations along the water, it would be quite all right with me.

After all, that’ll just help me save money to do my trips right in the fall.