Welcome to Do-Goodery!   Do-Goodery is a lot of things.  

It’s a HQ content platform.  It’s a playground for Non-Profits.  And it’s a super-fun and Gamified browsing experience.

But at its heart, Do-Goodery is a way to Fight Back against Ignorance & the attacks on our societal norms.

Here’s how the business end works.

Each one-time donation is split evenly three ways:

  • 1/3 to keep Do-Goodery running 
  • 1/3 to our army of content creators
  • 1/3 to our Non-Profit Partners

Becoming a Subscribing Do-Gooder rewards our Non-Profit Partners even more.  Each Subscription dollar is split thusly:

  • 1/4 to keep Do-Goodery running
  • 1/4 to our army of content creators
  • 1/2 to our Non-Profit Partners

Now comes the fun part.

Donations sent to our Non-Profit Partners transform (rather magically)… into Do-Goods!  

(This is what a Do-Good looks like:    Do-Goods are all-powerful and possess the ability to change the world around you… which is nice.)

Once you’ve got some Do-Goods, just head over to our Standings page and donate them to whichever Non-Profits you’d like! Once you’ve done so, YOU’RE OFFICIALLY FIGHTING BACK.

• PayPal and their top-of-the-line data encryption services will handle all financial activity on the site.  Your secret codes and monies and whatnot are in good hands, so feel free to Do as much Good as you’d like.

• All funds committed to the participating non-profits will be distributed upon the conclusion of each two-month ‘season.’ This will be done to keep the process as efficient as possible.

Regardless of how well we do our jobs here at the site — hopefully we’ll be entertaining and enlightening in equal measure — ultimately your contributions will drive the success of what we’re all trying to accomplish.

Having your complete confidence in our process is the only way we can effectively Fight Back and make the world a better place.