If you’re involved with a non-profit organization, or you’re simply curious what we’re offering to the non-profits we align with, you’ve clicked the right link.

Beyond the sheer joy of competition, Do-Goodery will provide a number of tangible benefits to the non-profits that choose to partner with us.

That list of benefits includes the following …

• A profile page, the contents of which can be tailored toward general outreach and/or specific fundraising projects

• Brand exposure on our standings page, plus constant presence on home page and non-profit hub

• Two-hour consultation with Rocco about engagement strategies, both internal and external

• A pair of interviews done by (and with) the internal Do-Goodery content team; one with leadership, one with a volunteer or recipient of your organization’s good works.

• Published interview with staffer of choice for winning non-profit in a given season

Also, while 33 percent of all funds donated via Do-Goodery go directly to the non-profit, that share increases to 50 percent when donator chooses to be a Do-Goodery subscriber.

Please note that our non-profit partners are under no obligation to help direct traffic to Do-Goodery, although they are certainly welcome to do so. Our goal is to do some of the heavy lifting, providing a bigger megaphone for non-profits and their missions.